WFB League - the 'gash is coming

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WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Dave Fraser » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:27 am

That's right people everyone was shouting out for the desire to get this bad boy up and running again and mostly hoping that some other poor schmuck would crack and run it before they were forced to actually pull their fingers out and do it themselves. Well Dave to the rescue, I've cracked and agreed to take on the massive admin burden of herding you cats.

The End of Times is upon us, 'gash can be found on the table everywhere (and if Ross has is way there will also be some nips to look at too). Afraid that's as far as my ropey puns are going to extend (for now) but safe to say the league is back and will be featuring Warhammerz in all it's glory. none of this panzy 'EoT is ruining the game' nonsense, we're going full on Legions and all that jazz.

Gather round the fire and let me regail you with storied of the times when mankind feared it's doom, until one brilliant saviour came along and got betrayed by his most favoured general... Oh wait wrong game system, no grim dark future here thank you very much, we're going all swords and sorcery on your ass.

Enough intros for everyone to be happy, good. now lets begin.

There will be 2 leagues, which you have committed to or been randomly assigned at my whim where you didn't specify.

There will be 6 rounds in each league, the numerically gifted amongst you will work out this means you don’t all get to play each other, true, but usually leagues fizzle out after about 6 rounds , so I’m cutting it off at that. If people are still stoked we can just do a season 2 and rig the draw to ensure you get to play the people you missed first time round.

After the league the top 4 from each league will go into a knockout playoff. Those not fortunate enough to be in the top 4 can feel free to post up threads calling into question the validity of the lists (and parentage) of these top 4 but sadly play no further part at this stage, don’t worry though, you can still play more games, I just won’t track them!

For those that follow Hand-Egg (or ‘american football’ as they humorously call it) the playoffs will be of that format with the final being played between the last person standing from the filth division vs the last of the fluff division. This will crown the overall winner of the inaugural (it’s no such thing really) Vanguard WFB League championship. I may even make a plaque for the winner to celebrate their victory.

Assuming people aren’t entirely sick of the whole thing we can then reset for another go round.

League 1 - tourney lovers
This league will be people who generally want to tear your face off on the battlefield, you can expect all sorts of nasty tournament optimised lists and delightful gameplay like railroading compulsory movers and congalining everythings. But we still have limits here, there will be comp packs assigned to each round based upon upcoming tournaments and others that take my fancy and some of the commonly restricted practices like congaing into buildings will result in general ridicule.

Missions, see below, will also be in play. And at some point we’ll throw in some scenarios for you guys too, so you’re not missing out on all the fun, but feel free to do what you like in the meantime.

One thing to note with this is how all these filth merchants instantly wanted to play legions over armies as soon as it became an option, but very few tourneys are playing legions thus far, so you guys are already creating me work, I'll try and tailor some comp up for each legion (and add for the new ones that turn up) but no excessive whinging about it or I'll just ban legions from the filth league (that'll teach you!).

League 2 – fluffers
You guys are the happy go lucky fluff bunnies of the world, or at least you claim to be so, lets see how long before the gloves come off! We want a nice clean fight here and everyone wants to play with their toys, so there will be a couple of simple rules for your games.

i) No specific comp packs are in use, bring what you like, but remember the ethos of the league this isn't an excuse to tailor your list full of win against that weeks opponent, please still design it as an all comers army
ii) Anything goes, want to use scrolls of binding in your list, fine, but I'd recommend you count them as rare options.
iii) Speak to your opponents in advance of your game, work out what you want. This doesn't have to be 2400pts of blah, feel free to play scenario games or whatever you feel like (I'll even be posting up some missions for further objectives, see below)

Secret Missions
The following 10 Secret Missions are to be played during the League. You may only play each Secret Mission once. You must record which Secret mission you are playing and MUST advise whether you were successful, or not, in the appropriate League Results thread. Both players could indeed play exactly the same Secret Mission as each other. Hopefully it would be Secret mission number 10 for extra fun in the centre of the board!

1. Cut Off the Head and the Body Will Die - Kill the opposing General (doesn't matter how, just kill them). 3 League Points

2. Monster Hunter - Kill an enemy monster. Monsterous cavalry/infantry does not count. If it thunderstomps it's a monster, KILL IT! 3 League Points

3. Spike the Guns - Destroy an enemy war machine (all sundry things that shoot like WMs count as War Machines for this purpose, so Ironblasters, Hellcannons etc). 3 League Points

4. Capture the Flag - Kill/Capture the enemy BSB. You gotta get in there and rip the standard from his lifeless hands so shooting/magic don't count, but if you chop dead or run them down you get the points. 3 League Points

5. The Shocker - Very simple one this. Successfully complete a charge, in the rear, of an enemy unit that is already engaged to it's front. So charge them in the front and send a second unit round the back! 3 League Points

6. Burn the witch - Kill the highest level wizard in the opponents army, if there are multiple of the same level then any will do. 3 League Points

7. Destroy the Strong - Wipe out the enemies most expensive unit as appears on their army list (ignore characters). 3 League points

And now some "extra tough" missions with extra rewards!

8. ‘The Rincewind' - Your cheapest unit must fight in combat and then survive to the end of the game. If you have 2 or more units, at the same points cost, then simply clearly identify one, on your written army list. Bonus = 5 League Points

9. With me men!... Men? Ohh Shiiii... - A Lord or Hero must charge out of the safety of a unit, make it into combat ALONE and and survive the game! So if your Lord can't join a unit, think Dragon Rider/Greater Daemon/Daemon Prince, then they won't be able to do this one. Bonus = 5 League Points

10. Tactical Genius/WAAARGH! - Every unit, every model, must declare a charge at some point during the game. The charge must be legally possible but the unit doesn't have to successfully complete the charge. And yes, I am aware that things like Warmachines/Anvils of Doom/Caskets of Souls can't charge. So to have any chance of completing this mission you better not take them! So if you're opponent is a Dwarf player and it seems like he may have forgotten to bring any war machines... Please note that for this scenario, random movers, that randomly move into the enemy, count as chargers. Bonus = 5 League Points Bonus 3 league points if they all declare by turn 2.

League 1 - The Filthers
Rob (HE - But Elven Legion when it turns up)
Rossi (Chaos Legion)
Historical George (O&G)
Tex577 (Chaos Legion)
Tau John (Wampires- UL?)
Ginger Prince (Daemons/legion)
Warren101 (Woodies - invariably becoming elven legion)
Bueno (Chaos Legion)
Munkey - Legion (of what!)
Zolas - Ogres

League 2 - The Fluffers
Blufreggie (high Elves)
Dead Metal (D'rfs)
Sceleris Empire (I'm assuming)
Maahes (High Elves)
Badrott Men on horsies (Brets)
Toxicmog (ogres)
KolgothMountaineater (empire maybe)
Kaseliegth - Tomb Kings (trust me you meant Undead Legion really!)
Masquette - Undead (tbc)
Ian - non specified army of DOOM!
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Sceleris » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:40 am

Sounds good to me Dave.

And yes, I will be running Empire
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby HistoricalGeorge » Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:25 pm

Dave Fraser
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Dave Fraser » Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:05 pm

That's what you asked for wasn't it?!
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby HistoricalGeorge » Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:39 pm

Yeah it's fine...
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Badrott » Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:21 pm

HistoricalGeorge wrote:OH S*** I'M IN THE BIG BOYS LEAGUE

No, you're in the League of Legions.

Enjoy playing Deamon Princes every week.
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Nick the Vermin Lord
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Nick the Vermin Lord » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:06 pm

Heys guys I've been out of touch for a while any chance of getting in on this league?
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Re: WFB League - the 'gash is coming

Postby Dave Fraser » Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:03 am

Nick, Yep, also got Jan wanting in on the game so the pair of you can be dropped into the fun and fluffy league (or if you'd prefer the other one)

If you want to arrange a game I'll apply it as part of round 1 and can build from there.

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