End Times

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End Times

Postby Warren0101 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:49 pm

Hey guys

So I was wondering about the league and End Times, Dave has made it quite clear he is happy to accept Nagash, Glotkin (although this incited no real rule changes) but I'm wondering about End times Khaine, because like Nagash and it's 50% lords, Khaines magic changes the game quite dramicially, infact I would personally say this is a bigger change than 50% lords.

So my questions are this
1. Do we allow the magic changes?
2. Do you allow the Elven legion list?

Thoughts people? I'm interested to see how tournaments around the area look at potentially rolling events that include elven legions and maybe even the magic changes, I can see them allowing elven legions but not the magic changes. Although if you think about it, the magic changes it DEFINITLY makes it harder to cast those BIG spells that ruin the game however it is an easy system to abuse because you can still spam spells that are 14 or less to cast, there are lots of good spells to spam! Imagine being withing 12" and spamming death snipes with book of hoeth? Or banishment/comet spam? Wildform/soul blight so many good spells! But it stops the big spells? Tick for tac I guess?
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