Dungeon Bowl Wednesday 16/3

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Dungeon Bowl Wednesday 16/3

Postby nightwing » Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:03 pm

OK guys, heres a link to the rules we'll be using...


Note- we will be using the College rules. This was old school, pre Pro Elves, Lizards etc. So- Nurgle for Chaos, and Pro Elves for Wood Elves should you be so inclined. Oh, and Amazons for Norse (that ones just for you Francis!)

There will have to be a few other changes due to the nature of this being mutli player as noted below;

-There will be 2 end zones- can either operate scoring in either is valid, or half the teams trying to score in one, half the other. Will work out on the night with a show of hands!
-As obviously with multiple players we can't all start with 6 in each end zone. Instead, in your turn, your first 6 players hop into a teleporter and pop out randomly!
-As this came up before- yes, you CAN blitz through teleporters (you just might pop out next to no one and waste your blitz).
-And no limit on the amount of times you can teleport in a turn; you could, if you wish, hop into a teleporter, not pop out where you wanted so spend 2 movement jumping off then straight back in again! It's fun :D

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