Old Duke Cup - Season 2

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Old Duke Cup - Season 2

Postby Loki » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:57 am

So Merrick and I kicked off the new season with Lizards vs Nurgle; Axolotl Dragons vs Rotting Flesh Rovers.

The game started in nice weather with slightly more Dragons fans than Rovers fans piling into the stadium so the Lizards would have the fans support.

The Lizards kick went deep and fortune smiled on them straight away as they got a Perfect Defence to put the pressure on the Rovers straight away. The Rovers, in what was to prove not be an isolated incident, Beast rolled a Both Down on 2 dice to end the turn. The Lizards took too this opportunity to sweep round both side of the Nurgle defensive line. Wit the pressure in the back field rapidly mounting the Rovers QB decide to try and pass his way out of trouble. The resulting inaccurate throw scattered to the open field. A quick pick-up, hand off and gfi resulted in the first score of the league for the Dragons No. 9.

Next kick-off again went deep (with the Dragons gaining a RR). The sure hands Rotter at the back then once again ramped up the pressure by 1,1'ing the pick-up. The Lizards again applied the pressure. The match then took a turn with a Rotter killings one of the Dragons Block Saurus (dead, dead, so Rotter for the Rovers). The Rovers then set up a half-cage on the side-line. Unfortunately for the Rovers it was not secure enough and the Lizards surfed the ball carrier. Neither team could capitalise on the loose ball and another failed pass from the Rovers ended the half. The overall Blocking for the Rover had been good, in addition to the dead Saurus a Skink was also -mv and one Saurus stayed in the KO box at HT.

The Lizards quickly got control of the ball after the half and took it down one side, the Rovers pressured the cage but could not stop the dodgy Skinks breaking away to score in turn 3 for a 2-0 lead. The crowd decided that this was a bit too much and rocks thrown at both sides resulted in another Saurus being Seriously Injured but -agi isn't going to hamper the other Block Saurus's career long term.

The highlight of the match took place in the next drive when a 3D block from the Beast of Nurgle on a Skink resulted in TRIPLE SKULLS. Ultimately the gaps this created allowed the Lizards to stifle the Rovers drive and surf the ball carrier again, the Lizards were running out of players with another Skink BH and one in the KO box with a Saurus, so could not capitalise on the turnover and one of the two remaining Skink ran away with the ball.

FT 2-0 Dragons

Mike and I had a great evening and start to the league and would both like to thank Mr Thatchers for his excellent cider.
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