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Spell Draft

Postby Syneri » Wed May 14, 2014 10:19 am

Hey all,

As you can tell it's a slow (but long) day. After shuffling around the Privateer Press forums I came across the upcoming use of the 'Spell Draft' style of event/games and I'm really rather taken by it. Those of you who've played Magic the Gathering (booo! shun the heathens!) are used to the draft system, but moving it into Warmachine is a novel concept that deserves exploring. As you might have guessed at this point this is there for laughs above everything, as there are some truly nutty combos to be had.

In a nutshell:

1) You create a list at X points value, including warcaster!

1a) This warcaster has all of their normal attacks, special abilities, feat and rules BUT does not have any spells!

2) Each batch of 8 players at the event sit down around a table and each player is given a deck of 8 cards. These cards each have one spell/animus printed on them and can come from anywhere across the factions in Warmachine/Hordes. This does mean that some are absolutely useless or hideously broken in the right hands, but anything else would make it too easy...but with 372 or so options across the game you've got a lot to work with.

3) Each player selects one spell from the deck they are holding, puts in their pile for keeping (you don't have to let people know what you've chosen) and then hands the deck to the player to their left

4) Repeat step 3 until each player has 8 spells selected

5) Have a chat about what you managed to get

6) Once everyone has 8 spells you are drawn against an opponent and can start smashing face.

Any feedback?
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