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Malifaux Game Blog

Postby Dave Fraser » Mon Jun 09, 2014 2:14 pm

So finally got back to both the duke and playing midweek toy soldiers with a game last week which has prompted me to start up a meandering log of my games and sundry gaming thoughts which will, given the location, focus upon my Malifaux exploits.

From a brief look around it seems we've got a mix of different factions/masters on the go without too much overlap so far. That I'm aware of:
Jan (Syneri) - Collette, Lynch, Mei Fang
Liam (Monk) - Ramos, Lilith, pandora, whatever else this weeks spending spree turns up!
Vargas - Tara, Lynch
Me - Lady J, Sonnia Criid, Lucius, Dreamer, Collodi, Zoraida

And interest expressed from a couple of other people I've not seen post on the forums yet with a hint of gremlins.

All of that leaves an obvious gaping hole in the Resser and Outcast factions, so I might be forced to paint up my Levi crew once I actually remember how to play the game well enough as I don't suppose he's suddenly become a really simple master to play!

Game 1 - Lady J vs Collette
Deployment Corner
Strategy - Reckoning
Me: Line in the Sand, Plant Explosives
Jan: Line in Sand, Breakthrough

Ignoring the proper way of doing things as it was my first game out we did the sensible thing of using pre-chosen crews. As it turns out they were both pretty good for the purpose of the strategy.
Me Justice (Onslaught and shooting protection), Judge (his upgrade), Executioner (Drop a scheme marker when dead), Austringer, 3 x Death Marshalls, +2 stones
Jan - Collette, Mechanical attendant, Mech Rider, Howard, 2 x coryphee. Might have been something else, I forget because of all the summoning which went on and a bunch of upgrades.

T1 I'll just summarise as Mech summons a metal gamin, Collete a dove, Coryphee walk together and he's dropped about 5 scheme markers already! I’d mostly just advanced forwards but got 1 marker down by using an Austringer.

T2 After some moving about to drop scheme markers I eventually ended up just tossing justice and the executioner forwards to see what they could do. Justice took a few swings from the coryphée but with some damage prevention only took a handful of wounds in the end.

T3 Justice & Executioner are stuck in combat with Coryphee and Mech rider. Overall achieve a couple of wounds on each and kill a metal gamin so not that impressive. Mech rider ability basically makes it pointless attacking him unless you can chip a lot of 1 pt of damage per action attacks against him is good to know. Coryphee more or less the same and Howard similar.

T4-5 In sequence Justice, Executioner and Judge all die to Coryphee, Mech rider and Howard all being subject to additional strikes coming from Collette to get enough damage through in the end and then he can clean up the Death Marshalls after that.

Result Loss 3-9

So I got 1 pts for the strategy and then 2 for plant explosives. Jan got 3 from the strategy (I think, killed 2 models turn 3-5), 3 from Breakthrough, 3 from Line in the sand.

Overall I realise I played it entirely wrong but partly just wanted to see the game mechanics, partly didn't have a clue how to counter Jan's crew. With hindsight it would have been easy enough to sit off him, possibly we both get line in the sand, and I use my superior fire to force Jan to commit to me or risk losing on slow attrition if I could shoot of his relatively weak summoned models and then push justice into whatever has committed forwards if he comes at me. Also Plant explosives Could have been an easy 3 vps for me if I’d not forgotten that I’d put the drop a scheme marker when dead on the executioner but managed to get 2 from it anyway, feels like a very easy scheme for Guild due to the guys who drop scheme markers.

On reading through the FAQ I did discover I was playing one thing wrong:
Q: If a model with the Finish the Job Ability is killed, can it place a Scheme Marker within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker (or while engaged)?
A: Yes. Finish the Job is not an Interact Action, so the restrictions on using the (1) Interact Action to place Scheme Markers do not apply.

Sure there are plenty more I got wrong but discovered this one!

Interesting to see how that matchup would play on repeated games, his big beaters seemed to have more movement, armour and a defence equal or higher to my attack barring Justice so everything seems to do very small amounts of damage and in return he was chopping my stuff up badly. Clearly I’ve got the advantage of ranged attacks but the few I took seemed very inefficient.
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Re: Malifaux Game Blog

Postby Syneri » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:01 pm

Oooh, thanks for the rightup!

Really liked the way the crew works, just so rusty with Malifaux that I'd got no idea how to get the damn thing to work properly. Will definitely try to improve though, as there is a lot of scope for movement shenannigans (Liam's favourite thing!) and silly movement/attack nonsense with liberal use of Prompt.

Also - Austringers should all burn in their own private hell.
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Re: Malifaux Game Blog

Postby Dave Fraser » Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:08 am

Game 2
Using the wonderful @Malifauxschemes on twitter Liam nicely hit us up with a preset strategy & scheme pool. Sadly it appeared to be one which nicely suits his Ramos crew (I’m guessing that’s what he’ll be playing) so I’m gonna call shenanigans when he beats me, sorry if… (I did actually write this in advance so you can’t call foreshadowing).

Strategy: Turf War - Get stuff to the centre of the board vs a summoner crew that are hard to take down, oh dear.
Scheme Pool: Breakthrough, Assassinate, Vendetta, take prisoner – Choice of his table edge (tricky), kill Ramos (tricky), pick someone to hurt with one of my models (doable), stand about near one of his models but don’t kill them (sounds difficult), Line in the sand (1 vp should be easy, 3 difficult)
Standard deployment

So my highly complex thinking was I’ll take the same crew as last time, but mess about with my upgrades a touch.
Justice – Last rights (remove counters in 6” bubble), badge of office (reduce a hit to 1w), something else that clearly had no impact!
Executioner – drop a scheme marker when he bites it or if alive at the end push and do a scheme marker
3 x death marshals

Thinking being that if justice, judge and exec get up the table they can kill spiders in a single hit so keep the board clear, justice can remove scrap if I get my activation order right to make it hard to multiply them.

DMs can stay alive and go drop schemes for line in the sand and run interference.

Austringer push people and get scheme markers down early and then provide some long range sniping to pick off damage spiders not in the fight and generally be a nuisance.

Liam’s crew
Ramos – summon elec creation, combat thingmy, something else
Howard, Mech rider, Joss – discard for fast card on Joss
thing that hands out reactivate

Game summary
I declared line in the sand, and take vendetta on Howard with the Exec, Liam declares breakthrough.
T1 Ramos plays the summoning gambit, Howard gets reactivate and bombs it towards my deployment My stuff just double walks up to get into position and the austringer pushes a DM to the half way line and drop my first marker.

T2 A bit more shuffling round, by everyone, a death marshal gets smashed up by either mech rider or Joss (forget which) and drops a scheme marker onto the half way line in dying. Justice goes after the spiders beside Ramos to try and prevent him really growing the crew because of her scrap removal abilities. Ramos scarpers away from justice. Realise here the mistake I made in vendetta was that Howard is the best model for getting breakthrough done so wouldn’t be going into combat with the Exec. Vendetta should have been on mech rider and I played as though it was just to see if I could take him out.

Joss & Mech grind out the exec but he does a bunch of damage to the mech rider, then judge comes in and eventually chops mech rider down and I realised I could have been using his stones to keep him up for longer to tie up Joss which might have allowed my DMs to live to the end of the game. After judge goes down Joss charges a DM and fluffs his attacks to keep me in the game at 3-3 on turf war as Justice was meant to come in to guarantee it but took 3 attacks to kill the Mechanical assistant thingy so couldn’t get into 6”. So we both had guff turns attacking with our big beater at just the right time to save my bacon.

Going into this turn I’ve got line in the sand locked in, Liam has breakthrough locked in and we’re tied on the strategy. Because of the pool it basically means there is little chance of either of us getting our other scheme looking back at it now.

Howard who had come back from my deployment zone charges Justice who ripostes him for a chunk of damage, sucks up a hit and then activates and smashes him into the ground then walks into the turf war zone. My 2 DMs are both badly wounded, one has a chance to survive if he can kill the spider in his face but fluffs his attacks and I’ve nothing above a 7 in my hand so gets killed off when the spider hits him then explodes itself. Other one runs off hiding in a building out of combat range of Joss, so has to survive 1 shot from him and then Ramos. Joss misses yay!, only Ramos to survive. Summon elec creation, and then 3 of his zaps at the DM just squeezes through enough wounds to kill him leaving me with only Justice against Ramos and Joss in the turf war zone to give liam the winning vp. He then top decks the elec creation explosion just to confirm that even if I’d been able to dodge Ramos’s damage spell the DM was done for! Have just realised I put defensive stance the marshall but never applied it, oops!

Fantastically fun game that went down to the wire and had so many great swings where we each thought we’d lost the game. Both crews seem really suited for the strategy having models that would hang around for a long time to score strategy points. Biggest mistake was putting justice into the spiders beside ramos. It meant I killed them quicker but I would have been better to put judge into them as he still stops the scrap dropping but would have left justice in a better place to hunt the harder models in the ramos crew. That said it might have lead to her dying and it turns out Liams other scheme was Assassinate Justice so I might have lost my points there, so swings and roundabouts I suppose.

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