2 players wanted for Casual d&d over Skype

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2 players wanted for Casual d&d over Skype

Postby Josh » Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:35 pm

As some of you are aware I am attempting to indoctrinate some of my brothers and london friends into games activities.

First up is role playing so I am running the new d&d starter set over Skype for them. After the first session a couple have decided it's not for them but he other two are really keen to keep going.

If any one fancies joining in you would be more than welcome. We aim to do it roughly fortnightly on a Sunday afternoon.

Skype (free), a webcam and some dice or a dice app is all that is required. This is a very relaxed campaign with no maps or grids to worry about. Just have some fun with the role playing but and we will budge the combat in our heads. If you didn't want to do it entirely over the net you are welcome to do it I. Person with me in bristol and we will dial in the london guys on the big screen at my place.

We are playing tomorrow at 3.30 if anyone wants to jump right in or in a couple of weeks for the next session. We are pretty much at the start is the campaign ATM (some goblins have been valiantly slain).

Let me know if your interested.


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