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Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:34 pm
by alistairlfmills
Hey peoples!

So I've been living in Brizzle a few months now and recently discovered they've fixed the abomination that was 7th ed. mob rule... Since that was what very nearly killed the hobby for me I'm delighted to be able to dust off my old Ork horde and have been looking for somewhere to try and get back into the game, meet some new people and all that jazz...

Anywho, I'm planning to drop by this evening if possible but don't know the procedures or anything so hoping I can find someone with an army that's up for a good scrap! Otherwise I'll just get some details etc so I can hopefully start gaming on a semi-regular basis, get some use out of all that wallet-crippling GW merchandise! ;)

So yeah, I'm hoping to be able to rock up some time after 6pm... see what happens!


Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:05 am
by Stu's Idle
Hi Alistair,
Welcome to the forum, and to Bristol.
Most 40K players seem to use Facebook these days. I think those that play at the Duke often post here:
I'm not a 40K player myself so can't offer much more help.
The forum has become a little slow in recent years, most people use social media. It's now mainly used by older folks like myself or for booking games at the Duke.
If you haven't been there yet you should definitely try to get over to BIG (, it's a great place although a little far out of town (for me anyway). If you drive though it has parking, unlike the Duke.
If you need any other information please do let me know.
Welcome once again,