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Hi - new member 40k/Shadespire

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 9:37 pm
by Swin1984
Hi All,

Name is Chris (go by Swin) & used to play as a kid back in 2nd/start of 3rd edition. Over the past 10yrs I've dabbles with hobbying on & off, mainly stripping & painting old models or buying bits bags/boxes off eBay before making up army's & selling them on.

Started back at Xmas with DI boxset & using painting in evenings to chill out after work, usually listening to various 40k podcasts.

Facebook feed, Instagram etc slowly filling up with all 40k/GW posts & just started own hobby only Instagram account newbiepainter84.

Also got Shadespire at Xmas & hoped partner would get into it but not so lucky.