Bristol Vanguard associated gaming groups

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Bristol Vanguard associated gaming groups

Postby maelzch » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:20 am

Bristol Vanguard group collective and other handy links.
Hi all,
Figured it would make sense for all the Vanguard affiliated Facebook and other sub groups to all be easily liked in one place.

Firstly, the Vanguard Facebook:

There's load of gaming groups around Bristol, split by game.
(if you have more that I haven't listed that need adding, comment below)

+++WARHAMMER 40,000 & HERESY+++

- 40k fun night, currently run four weekly on a Wednesday at the Duke:

The Bristol Vanguard 30k group:

BIG Thursdays 30k/40k group

Bristol Star Wars/XWing group

Bristol Age of Sigmar



Firstly, the Old Duke on King Street. A bunch of tables upstairs with terrain for all sorts of games.

B.I.G. (Bristol Independent Gaming) ... nt.gaming/

Excelsior Games:


Here's a bunch of other clubs and the like:

The HATE CLUB - based in North London ... thusiasts/

The Spiky Club - based in Reading

Viet Taff - based in Cardiff

Vale Renegades - also based in Cardiff
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Re: Bristol Vanguard associated gaming groups

Postby Loki » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:23 am

Bristol Vanguard - 2015 WPS Blood Bowl Champions

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