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New club website / blog under construction

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:28 am
by Josh
So this was discussed at the last club meeting, and has been chatted about on the faceboom page (which i know not everyone who uses the forums looks at). The point of the bew website is not to replace rhe social media accounts, or the forums, but act as a bit of a static hib for club and non club gaming stuff in bristol. To repeat what input on facebook yesterday:

So I'm done fiddling with the format of the website / blog. It is online with placeholder content now.

Feedback from people would be great, I basically tried to keep it pretty simple and readable.

If you have something to contribute to a section, or want suggest new sections, that would be awesome. There is basically placeholder words everywhere at the moment, it will take me a while to draft stuff up for each, but if everyone chips in and writes a bit it will get a good resource for gaming in Bristol ready that much faster.

I'm off into the wilderness (wales) for Christmas from tomorrow so will not get much time to work on things till I am back, but I plan to have a bit of a push on extracting contributions from members in the new year.

The Vanquish pack, and other events, rules packs will be hosted there from January.