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BIG Balls - 16 player event 13 Feb @ BIG

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:23 pm
by Dave Fraser

Re: BIG Balls - 16 player event 13 Feb @ BIG

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:55 pm
by brewmaster
Argh can't make it, in-laws will be visiting!!!

Re: BIG Balls - 16 player event 13 Feb @ BIG

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:25 am
by Dave Fraser
Event was a great day, 16 players turned up (more or less on time...Ben) 4 rounds of smash face Guild Ball action ended up with brewers walking away with the prize.

For me I told Jim to pair me and ben so nobody else would get hurt by his slight miscalculation of the impact of Bristol traffic so round 1 was vs filthy union. I never quite got myself going in this one and then made a stupid mistake in not clarifying a distance before a model was moved which we both assumed the opposite outcome and I just gave up on the game at that point. Not saying Ben was wrong but always important to be utterly clear on these things. 6-12 loss.

James with Masons - I think James ended up in last place but the game was super tight all the way through as I was able to blind a chunk of his team on one or two turns (old blind rules being played as not sanctioned and update only came out the day before). Again I got into a good position on this then made a few subpar decisions which made it harder work than it should have been but he played a tight & solid game throughout. 12-11 win.

Oli with Masons - Played Oli twice now and both times have been horrendously tight and cagey games, he knows the masons inside out and seems to have built a bunch of the 'tricks' that people are now starting to roll out with them. There was one play on this which I won't spoil but dear god it's horrible! His objective is normally to get a massive momentum lead to get first turn each round and then have chisel activate late and pound someone into the ground. I was able to break the cycle one turn by popping Midas's legendary and getting a couple of take outs which brought the game back to 6-6 but couldn't get my hands on the ball to threaten his goal which was the only way I was going to win. In the end honour just went nuts beating people into the ground and I went down to 6 take outs ending at 8-12.

Simon with Engineers - Typical engineers with Rage causing loads of damage early on and repeatedly knocking people down to stop me getting into him but once I got there I was able to overpower his team. His mistake in this one was putting Velocity forward close to midas where even with def 6 some turns weight of dice meant I could build momentum and got the first go in the critical turns. This was the one game where midas actually performed to his "captain fantastic" billing banging in a goal and doing 3 takeouts to more or less solo the scoreboard! 12-6 (I think).

My take-aways from the tournament was I played 3 games with Venin and while he's solid really felt I didn't get much out of him, I suspect a union player would have done much better and in the last game I dropped him for mercury (ranged threat back at engineers is useful) and in that last game felt the balance of the team was far better.

For future though I can see my 8 strong team having decimate and Mist in it over the 'lesser' alchemist players. Yes they all want loads of influence to be effective but they can actually do something all the time where calculus and Mercury often just spectate anyway. With the changes to blind I'm really down on Calculus, blind is now to help prevent goals but then so is Compound and Venin kinda feels like a sweeper type role too. All in all I think I need someone to just stand in midfield and control the pitch so I'm actually drawn to Avarise for that.