Team Yankee - rules I'd missed

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Team Yankee - rules I'd missed

Postby Lavallin » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:05 am

So far, it's mainly been aircraft where I keep finding rules which would significantly change things.


Main rulebook, p71, "Strike Aircraft" wrote: "The Aircraft shoot as normal... and then are removed from the table at the end of the turn". That means that you have to roll the 4+ (or 3+ for Harriers) every turn. This, especially combined with their susceptibility to morale rules, possibly makes planes weaker than I'd thought.

And secondly:

Main Rulebook, p48, "Aircraft Saves" wrote: "Infantry Teams (other than Heavy Weapons) must re-roll successful Firepower tests." Heavy weapons appear to be MGs in the Sustained Fire role - Soviet LMGs and British SF GPMGs. Maybe not such a big deal, given the preponderance of vehicles in TY, but it certainly means that some of the kills my Milans have got against Hinds would have been dicey.

So, has anyone else found anything we've been doing grossly wrong?
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Re: Team Yankee - rules I'd missed

Postby Graeme_the_Bald » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:49 pm

Far as I know, Milans aren't infantry weapons cos they're guided. Worth a look at FM101 for clarification; go to TY site and click Downloads. Seems streamlining can also lead to confusion.
I could be wrong, but I think ATGMs can fire at flying helicopters, although ROF1 so a -1 penalty on hitting. They are heavy weapons so don't reroll fp, thats only small arms and MGs. Only AA weapons can shoot at strike aircraft.
But yes, the aircraft roll is every turn. Although, if you roll them up and there's still too much AA on the table you can have them loiter off table until the next turn. Not sure how long they can loiter for. Aircraft count as a unit, so obey all the unit rules such as being in command, morale etc. Salvo weapons on aircraft are the same as artillery rules, so need a spotter and just one template but with N 'guns' firing.
Lots of rules questions on the TY forum on BF site

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