TY: T72 points reduction under discussion

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TY: T72 points reduction under discussion

Postby Jamrowski » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:08 pm

UK events are showing that T72s (and T64s but that's for later) are not appearing in games. This is leading to huge Soviet BMP and infantry spam by the logic of 'if something is going to die, best it's not really expensive.....and there's a daft number of them'

Given the UKGT was rather dominated by BMP 'spam' (BMP 2 hordes are particularly unpleasant!), a proposal discussed at the GT was for all UK events to use an altered T72 point structure. Not a massive change but just makes them more viable and hopefully encourages some different builds.


3- 9 pts
4 - 13
5 - 17
6 - 21
7 - 25
8 - 29
9 - 33
10- 37

Basically it's a saving of a point per tank.

Do you think this would make a better game and balance the T72 more in an age of AT22 and tons of AT21. Also remember for the US players lots of cool new stuff is inbound in a few months...

For comparison, 37 points you could get 3 x British Inf pltns(full with Milans), 4 milan spartans, 4 Milans Inf and 2 scimitars...
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Re: TY: T72 points reduction under discussion

Postby Stu's Idle » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:35 pm

While I would welcome a points reduction, as I do think they were slightly overpriced, I think the bigger issue is actually the British Infantry. Even 10 T-72s could not deal with 3 British Infantry Platoons, I think they'd struggle against 1 on occasion.

Looking at the global campaign going on at the moment British Infantry lists are dominating their games, luckily they aren't used by loads of people so it's not skewing things too much. Reading a few Batreps the British Infantry are utterly lethal, cleaning up where the Chieftains have fallen short.

I recall my first game with Alex. While it was a demo game and I was therefore rather reckless I was stunned at how quickly my 20 T-72s exploded when advancing towards Brits in buildings. I have been tempted by the BMP spam lists as a way of dealing with them but can't really afford all of those models. Anyway I think an Afgansy list would be much more fun (although good luck to them assaulting Brit infantry!).
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Re: TY: T72 points reduction under discussion

Postby Lavallin » Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:27 pm

I agree with Stu - overlarge infantry platoons interact badly with the new morale rules and are (or at least can be) nearly impossible to shift. Both fire and assault are a tall order, even with the lack of high Tank Assault values in TY. Although Carl Gustavs help...

In general, the two tweaks I think may help (across the board, Flames and TY) would be a points premium for large, multi function units (Brit TY inf, US Armoured Rifles) and also more options for higher training for e.g. Soviets, to allow them to play the shooting game if they choose, rather than forcing a rush.
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Re: TY: T72 points reduction under discussion

Postby Graeme_the_Bald » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:51 pm

What it needs is a shedload of new US toys! :D
I'm not finding much time to paint stuff. Hasn't helped that I'm experimenting with colour modulation on my M1s... I'll get there one day!

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