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Get some! USMC painting blog

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 7:49 pm
by Graeme_the_Bald
So, given that I’m a fairly firm painter and collector, and now working at an even more inconvenient distance from the Old Duke, I thought I might share some pics of what I’ve done so far and some WIPs as well.

If anyone wants to share ang WW3 related modelling & painting tips on here then feel free. Obvs, if any questions about any of my techniques then just ask, but my input is likely to be sporadic (but less so than appearances at Old Duke, I hope!)

Lets see if this Dropbox link thing still works, with a pic of a Revell 1:100 Seahawk that my USMC grunts will one day ride around in (stats as UH-1, eventually


Edit: Sorted; it's a Photobucket thing, not Dropbox! Duh :roll:

Re: Get some! USMC painting blog

Posted: Sat May 26, 2018 5:21 pm
by Graeme_the_Bald
So, having re-discovered how truly awful Photobucket is, I've decided to give Imgur a go. At first site, way, way easier to use and no annoying pop-up ads everywhere.

I'll have a go with a few pics of my first US infantry platoon. I was very disappointed with both the sculpts and the casting of the BF US infantry. They didn't even look like they were wearing Kevlars, just some generic modern helmet, and the amount of flash and chunky mould lines made them virtually unusable. I had prev bought a small mech platoon, and sold them on eBay unpainted.

Even well before Stripes came out, I knew I wanted a predominantly USMC army, with a mix of airborne and Amtrak mounted grunts. Peter Pig does some very nice 15mm figs (WW2 German Pzgrens are particularly nice) and I stumbled across the modern USMC range buried in the Modern Africa section. These boys are incredibly well sculpted, needing only minimal clean-up, and the poses are characterful too. A big plus is they all have goggles on the helmets, so are perfect for an airborne look. PP also does USMC heads, so more variety can be added by using figures from his IDF and Vietnam ranges and swapping the heads. All the figs in shirtsleeves in the pics are head-swapped IDF.

Enough waffle - toys:

This is the Alpha company, first platoon leader. The guy on the far left is one of the head-swapped IDF M16 figs. I deliberately did the goggles much brighter than they should be, so they provide a focal point on the figs.

This team nicely illustrates how well the head-swapped figs mix in. The one with the LAW was an IDF RPG fig, but snipping off the RPG and drilling the end of the tube quickly turns it into a reasonable LAW! The fig with the LMG was also IDF, which is why he has a M60 not a SAW, but it's easy enough to attribute that to the general US tendency to customise kit and use whatever's available ("Marines make do").

This is the second section leader. The positioning of the figures on the base provides a mini-scenario that's intended to illustrate how this platoon have just deployed from their helos and are taking up positions.

Next time I'll put up some pics of my M1 Abrams platoon.

Re: Get some! USMC painting blog

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:21 pm
by Josh
Looks good, as some one who plays larger scale games im always impressed by the attention to detail on infantry at this scale.

As these forums will be passing away at the end of the year and as yuve discovered are a bit clubky for adding photos and stuff i would recomend trying the blogging stuff on the vanguard website. The forums will be going there so will all end up in the same place.

I wrote a bit of a how to guide here

Would be great to see some hobby stuff thats isnt warhammer on there to showcase the communities diversoty a bit too.