Player Characters

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Player Characters

Postby Tom » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:54 pm

Please post a bio of your character plus a portrait. Any details should be information known by the majority of the characters.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Stu's Idle » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:52 pm

Ersula ‘Honey’ Potts


Ersula Honey was born on the Lower East Side of New York, near China Town, where her parents still live. She was a twin but her sister died, when they were 14, in a fire. Ersula’s attempts to rescue Lisa resulted in scaring on her hands and forearms.
She left home soon after this and eventually moved to Boston where she met Sir Percival Byron, an English Magician, who hired Ersula as his assistant.
At the age of 20 she met Henry Potts (36) during a ‘Ladies Night’ at Percival’s club. Less than 2 years later they were married and Ersula became the wife of one of the richest men in America.
For her 30th Birthday Henry took Ersula on Safari back to South Africa, where he had gone to boarding school. It appears that something happened to Henry on this trip as, over the following year, he gradually started to lose his mind. Sadly a few months ago he passed away, raving and screaming.
Ersula has inherited Henry’s copious wealth, which includes a Country Estate outside Boston, an apartment in the Potts Hotel in central Boston and numerous businesses and stocks (including the hotel).
She is a reasonable pilot of her Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) Biplane and an excellent shot with a rifle.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Dalkius » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:33 pm

Trip Hazzard (James David Hazzard III)


My parents were James David Hazzard Jr and Hannah Hazzard. My father is still alive, but my mother died of tuberculosis when I was 25. I grew up in Boston, where my inquisitive nature and bright ideas often got me into trouble, and it was usually my friend Travis Dane who got me out of it.

I went to university on a scholarship to study mechanical engineering, and though I excelled at the practical work I initially stuggled with some of the theoritcal side, so I got some tutoring from Percival Byron. From this we grew to be friends, and I developed a keen interest in the mystical and unexplained. To this day I enjoy taking the time to investigate and rationalise the strange and the bizarre.

I started the Hazzard Engineering Company (HECo) in 1915, manufacturing a new widget I had invented that help to significantly increase the efficently of many engine designs, and I was able to leverage the increase in production during WWI to solidify the business and ensure its future. Since then I've grown HECo further based on patents I've developed.

I'm married to Clarissa Hazzard (nee. Abraham) who I met during my time at university. The daughter of a well respected and well off lawyer, she's a forthright women with a strong business acumen. She did a lot to help me start HECo, giving advice and investment, and continues to be a driving force behind the business. Although her father initially disapproved of the marriage, my success in business has convinced him that I can make his daughter happy and he now respects my knowledge and experience enough to have me consult on legal cases that his firm looks into. Clarissa is also a key member of the Boston Temperance Movement, so I do not drink any alcohol.

After many attempts, and after almost giving up hope, we have one child, a son now aged 5, and doctors tell us that we're unlikely to have another. I was initially set on naming him James David Hazzard IV, to continue the line from my grandfather, but we settled on James Edward Hazzard, and we call him by his middle name.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Merrick » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:58 am

Harry Banks winced sharply as he sat up, mourning the loss of yet another tooth, spat out into a red-stained bucket by the bar.That last fight had gone to the wire, as the brand new shiner and blood-flecked chin proved, but the money was good, and he could add another win to the tally.He necked the whiskey set down in the glass tumbler in front of him to numb the pain, and staggered groggily to his feet.

"Good win there, Banks", a deep voice behind him grunted. "Thought he might have had you at one point,but I reckon that Byran fella might have more work for you if you keep proving that you can't get knocked down as easily as those Belmont pussies that keep knocking
on the door."

Harry turned to see the looming figure of his trainer, Sullivan, counting the takings for the evening, cigar hanging lazily from one corner of his mouth.
He grinned, wryly. "You reckon so, huh? That last job wasn't quite enough?"

Sullivan smiled. "I reckon he just wanted to see what you were made of, and you seemed to have passed the test. You survived, didn't you? There's good money in surviving."

Harry looked away, seemingly in deep thought, and raised a finger in the direction of the bartender. He was going to need another drink before he considered going back to the Byran estate again...


Harry Banks never knew his parents. Nobody ever told him exactly what happened to them, and he wasn't exactly sure he wanted to know. Downtown Boston was never the safest place to inhabit,
and if his father had been anything like he was, he probably knew the wrong sort of people, and crossed paths with them one too many times.
His cousin, Travis, had tried helping out where he could, but Harry's truancy became almost uncontrollable, to the point where he never finished high school, and started doing odd jobs for a local barkeep, George Sullivan, at the age of just 14.
Not able to do any of the heavy lifting, Sullivan trained him up for 5 years to earn money in the local boxing circuit, and (unbeknownst to many) to lend the local 'legitimate business' a little bit of muscle to help out.

Now 22, a fairly successful amateur boxer and 'handyman', Harry Banks has gained the attention of some more powerful figures in Boston, and may well be about to become entangled in something much bigger than he could have imagined....
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Azzabat » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:27 pm

Janine opened the drawer and pulled out a ragged manilla folder. Opening the coffee stained cover she flicked to the back added the final item. She was about to close it again when curiosity made her flick thru it. The contents within were neatly compiled and organised. Newspaper clippings, old sepia photographs, receipts and records. Sitting down she began to read.

"Boston Record, 4 July, 1884.
To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dane. On this day a boy, Travis Julian Dane. 8lbs 4oz."

Janine stared at the birth certificate.

Fathers Occupation: Police Officer,
Mothers Occupation: Nurse

"Julian" she thought, "Interesting". She continued thru the file to the next entry.

St Mary's Catholic School, 1896.
Dane, Travis, Grade 7.
Travis is a popular, clever and inquisitive child with an active mind. He makes friends easily and does well in his studies when he applies himself. He is always helpful to his classmates and is particularly patient with slower members, however he must refrain from questioning everything told to him, and remember that he is not the champion of the Underdog. He must learn that sometimes life is not fair and he cannot right the wrongs of the world. We would request again that you speak to him about his habit of continually
"just tying my shoelaces" outside the staffroom door during recess.

Boston Tribune, 9 July 1899,
Officer Vanishes Without Trace.
Officer Arthur Dane's patrol car was found abandoned this evening with the engine still running. He had been returning to the 4th Precinct at the end of his shift yesterday and was reported missing when he failed to return for evening Roll Call."

Janine flicked thru several more clippings concerning the disappearance, failure of the Police to find any leads, and 2 reports of similar disappearances. She turned the page.

Boston Herald, 16 August, 1903.
Boston Welcomes Newest Police Recruits

Attached was a faded black and white photo of fresh faced Policemen in Academy uniforms. A barely discernible figure in the back row was circled in black pen. Turning it over she read . . ."Travis J. Dane. Class of '03'

She studied his Enrolment form.

Name: Dane, Travis J.
Date of Birth: 4 July 1884
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 140lbs
Martial Status: Married

Beside it was a marriage certificate and a torn wedding photograph, taped back together of a young couple in their early 20's followed by another Birth Certificate and Announcement.

Boston Record, 5 October 1906.
"Mr and Mrs Travis J. Dane are pleased to announce the birth of their first son, Arthur James Dane, 6lbs.6oz yesterday evening at St. Micheals' Hospital.

Several photographs of the Dane men followed including family shots, and one labelled "Travis, Harry and Trip, August 12th" showing 2 young men either side of a battered and bruised third. Then.

Boston Tribune, 3 April, 1912.
Mystery Disappearance strikes family again
Truant Officer Travis Dane was found unconscious and slumped over the wheel of his patrol car late this evening. The engine was still running and the rear doors were opened. Officer Dane's 6 year old son was nowhere to be scene. Police are investigating the disappearance however have no clear leads at the moment and await Officer Danes' recover to begin questioning him

The rest of the file was full of clippings of the case, other unexplained disappearances, rail tickets and hotel receipts from all over the Boston and Massachusetts area. The phone began to ring and she hastily returned to file to the drawer.

"Dane Investigative Group. If you want the truth ... you goto D I G"

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Re: Player Characters

Postby Josh » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:49 pm


Sir Percival Byron of the Cambridge Byrons.

The oldest son of Lord Byron, Percival was a rising star of the English establishment at he turn of the century. Through close business partnerships with booming German industry and scientific establishments he was a promising heir to the Byron fortune. Then came the war. Ostracised by polite society when Byron goods helped power the German war machine Percival was persuaded by the family to step back from English society and go on a sabbatical to the states till all the fuss blew over. Some years on Percival's younger brother, Borris, has inherited the family title and lands in England. Leaving Percival comfortably wealthy, but exiled from polite society to the colonies (Boston).

During his time on sabbatical Percival indulged in learning, picking up expertise in many scholarly fields. He maintains close ties with his German associates, several of whome were also exiled to america after the war to cover their... Unorthodox fields of research during the war.

A man of learning and leasure Percival fills his days at the VonNeuman club and dabbling in stage magic. Percival is always the first to point out that there is no real magic, just the application of misdirection, science and a superior mind. He enjoys debunking other stage magicians that perform in Boston.

Tutored Trip in Soft Sciences
Employed Harry as Security / muscle for shows.
Worked with Ersula (Glamorouse assistant) to perform at the club and other prestigious locations in Boston.
Met Dane when he investigated another club member for things.

Parents, elderly and retired. Poor relationship.
Younger brother, now Lord Byron.
Wife - Veronica Byron, arranged marriage, lives in England.

Home Town: Cambridge
Place where happiest in life: Munich circa 1900.

Treasure: ???

Moderate wealth from Family money and dividends of own investments in Germany.
Small manor and grounds on the outskirts of Boston.

Memento from childhood: A strange insect, not matching any known description, discovered trapped in Amber. Now tops a cane.
Pet: Pyton named Borris. Used in act and roams freely around the house.

Stuff: Assorted stage magic props
Hand gun (elloborate for use in act but functional).

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