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A collection of NPCs that the party has met through out their travels.

Mr Edmund Knott

A wealthy landlord based in Boston that hired a group of investigators to unravel the mystery of the Corbitt house.

A well respected and honourable gentleman who indulges in his social status and wealth. Although law abiding openly flaunts his disregard for the recently passed prohibition. His alcoholism is debatable.


Salvador 'Sal' Lucciano


A street vendor who works around Boston peddling cigarettes, cigars and papers.

An optimistic entrepreneur who befriends almost everyone he meets. Money appears to be a minor motivation in life, compared to his and those he cares for well-being. Has a healthy caution to do with anything involving organised crime.


Arthur 'Arty' Dooley


A diligent and industrious employee at the Boston Globe. Although not as bright as some Arty is a hard worker and eager to please. Performs numerous 'odd jobs' at the Globe, performing the duties of clerk/receptionist/orderly. He dreams of one day being a owner and is known to occasionally flaunt the meagre power he has in the workplace.

Has Recently become quite smitten with Ursula Potts.

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