D&D 5e: Legends of Allansia Recruiting

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D&D 5e: Legends of Allansia Recruiting

Postby DM_Tudor » Thu May 18, 2017 9:52 am

Hey all,

I MAY have a space opening up in my weekly D&D game - which runs every Thursday at the Old Duke, 1900-2359 - due to a player having to return home for a few months. This space can be temporary or permanent, depending on the needs of the new player and how well they get on with the group.

So far, we're clocking over 100 hours of play and everyone is very much enjoying themselves (based on their feedback). All characters have just turned 5th level, and the current group race/class array is as follows:

  • Elven Ranger 5
  • Tiefling Warlock 5
  • Human Cleric 1/Wizard 4
  • Halfling Monk 5
  • Goliath Fighter 5*
  • Elven Druid 5
  • Half-Elven Bard 5
*This will be the PC/player that is going away for a few months, but he will be returning.

As you can tell, we are a large group, but my players are good at sharing the spotlight and allowing people opportunity to act and speak. The campaign is extremely RP heavy, with the PCs clocking more time so far building NPC alliances/enemies and contending with their own personal demons than they have in combat (although they've had PLENTY of that over the campaign so far).

I have plans eventually to bring a spin-off campaign - one set in the same world and running parallel to the stories told by the home group - to YouTube, and eventually Twitch via live-stream. Some players from the home group are already keen to join me in this, and new players would be equally welcome.

If you're interested, send me a PM and I can give you a summary of what's happened so far. You can share concepts with me, and we can go from there. Interested parties are also welcome to come down and watch a session, to see if it'd be something that interests them.

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