Infinity League Round 4 Starts 23rd March

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Infinity League Round 4 Starts 23rd March

Postby Vyper » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:29 am

Hello all,

After a swathe of distractions, illnesses and injuries - it's time to crack on with the league! As we have some tournaments coming up soon (Bristol Independent Gaming and Exeter Spring Challenge) I think it's time to try some proper games!

We'll be up to a mighty 300 points with 6 SWC to spend now - what is effectively a 'full size' game - and this should give you all plenty of toys to play with.

The missions for this round will be taken directly from the back of the rulebook (including classified objectives - don't forget to bring a civilian model to use as the High Value Target).

The missions you'll be playing this week are:

Annihilation - Smash your opponent into the ground - no retreat!

Supremacy - Control table quarters and objectives - remember to bring plenty of Hackers, Doctors, Engineers, Forward Observers and Paramedics!

I'll be returning my rulebook to the Old Duke tomorrow and the full rules for these missions can be found on pages 191 and 194.

If you are still due to play round 3 missions you can still go ahead and do so. :)
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